GRP: Central Puget Sound
Strategy Area: Harbor Island KIN0115
Strategy Number: CPS-61
Checked By: Chuck Kolesar - Shell
Date: 4/26/2005
Type: Field Test
Response Strategy:
Feet/Type of Boom: Please note that Shell has 1750 ft of boom on a reel at the end of Pier 15, not 2000 ft as the CPS GRP calls for.
Strategy Implementation: Recommend changing language to indicate location as "Pier 15," not "Rainier Petroleum Pier." The Pier is jointly operated by Rainer and Shell.
Staging Area:
Site Access: Can include Shell also. We have access to Pier 15 through our shoreline property and an easment to cross Rainier's operation.
Resources Requiring Protection:
Comments: Scott Zimmerman of the WA DOE was present during this Field Test and took pictures, which are in the evaluation. This deployment was executed by the Shell local response team and MSRC.