GRP: North Central Puget Sound
Strategy Area:
Strategy Number: NC-23
Checked By: Navy Region NW
Date: 11/18/2011
Type: Field Test
Location: Ebey Slough between Everett and Marysville, WA
Response Strategy: Exclusion/collection
Feet/Type of Boom: 400 feet/Slickbar response boom
Strategy Implementation: Deploy boom across the slough downstream from the Highway 529 bridge, from the south shore angled north and east to the north shore near the bridge for collection.
Staging Area: Stage off Highway 529 on the northwest side of the bridge, Ebey Waterfront Park.
Site Access: Vehicle access from I-5 to Highway 529, local access to slough - Ebey Waterfront Park boat launch.
Resources Requiring Protection: Seabird and waterfowl concentrations, sensitive nesting species
Comments: Recommend relocating this exclusion boom strategy west and adjacent to the I-5 bridge, versus placing boom adjacent to HWY 529 bridge and perpendicular to Ebey Waterfront Park (current strategy). Except for location change, strategy would essentially be the same. On-shore personnel can secure N end of boom to an existing shore piling, and vessel personnel can tie off to a piling on S side of slough. Coordinates for recommended boom tie off points are - N side (965ft 266m, N 48'02.907, W 122'11.265) and S side (0.19mi 282'm, N 48'02.907, W 122'11.265). A mid-point anchor is unnecessary for maintaining boom position. Due to location of Ebey Waterfront Park boat launch, also recommend notifying U.S. Coast Guard, City of Marysville and Tulalip Tribe of waterway access restriction during deployments. This recommended change would provide easier access by Navy-Everett response vessels, an equivalent oil collection area, better protection of the upstream park docks and boats, and provide an equivalent boat ramp and staging area for oil recovery equipment and shore personnel. From Everett, this new location is accessible by boat during low and high tides. Current NC-23 written strategy location is not accessible by boat at most high tides, as there is inadequate clearance under the railroad bridge (just west of current GRP location). Access is still achievable by trailering boats and launching at Ebey Waterfront Park, but this is not as efficient for Navy platform boats carrying boom, which are already waterborne. Note that the new recommended location also has a boat launch.