GRP: Admirality Inlet
Strategy Area: Bangor KIT0463
Strategy Number: HC-10
Checked By: Ecology
Date: 10/25/2005
Type: Field Test
Latitude: 47.8147729
Longitude: 122.5778206
Location: Port Gamble Bay HC-2 Why isn't HC-2 a choice above?
Response Strategy: Exclusion
Feet/Type of Boom: 200'
Strategy Implementation:
Staging Area:
Site Access:
Resources Requiring Protection: Protected embayment and shelfish on the outside of the spit
Comments: Move the strategy to the lower end of Port Gamble bay and place boom across the entire area of mud flat. This will prevent entrainment in the narrow channel and protect an oyster fishery on the outside of the spit. Increase the boom length to 1200' and two midpoint anchors