GRP: San Juan Islands and North Puget Sound
Strategy Area:
Strategy Number: NPS-09
Checked By: Lummi Natural Resources Department
Date: 7/27/2011
Type: Field Test
Latitude: 48.793657
Longitude: -122.663306
Location: The mouth of the Lummi River at Lummi Bay
Response Strategy: 400 ft of deflection boom deployed to cover the mouth of the Lummi River to deflect oil and possibly collect.
Feet/Type of Boom: 400 ft deflection boom
Strategy Implementation: The deflection boom was transported by trailer to the left bank (looking downstream) of the Lummi River and deployed by pulling it to the right bank on foot during a -0.85 ft MLLW tide (see below for detail).
Staging Area: There is a parking area were the dike access road (originating at the intersection of Kwina Road and Hillaire Road) meets the Seapond Dike and the Lummi River levee and a turnout on the road on top of the seawall/levee close to the strategy site.
Site Access: Access to the left (east) bank of the Lummi River is available over the dike access road that leads to the Seapond Dike and the road on top of the eastern Lummi Bay seawall/Lummi River levee. The right (west) bank of the Lummi River is not easily accessib
Resources Requiring Protection: Tribal lands/Lummi River, Salmonids, Sensitive Habitat
Comments: The weather conditions were sunny and warm, low wind. The tide was -0.85 ft MLLW. At low tide, it is possible to deploy the boom in less than 10 minutes (excluding transporting the boom to the site). Both the river banks and the river bed are very slick and soft. Neither bank has natural anchoring points available. An anchoring system needed to be implemented. A "J" configuration is more suitable for the site than the chevron shown in the GRP as this will allow easier recovery of oil from the left (east) side of the river. Based on the deployment exercise results, the boom should also be secured at 50 ft from both ends and at 150 ft from the left (east) end with belly lines. The boom should be augmented with absorbent sausage boom and pads to capture oil escaping under the deflection boom.