GRP: Central Puget Sound
Strategy Area:
Strategy Number: cps-43
Checked By: NRC Environmental services
Date: 9/21/2011
Type: Field Test
Latitude: 47.33.335
Longitude: 122.20.620
Location: South tip of Kellogg Island, Duwamish waterway
Response Strategy: this would not be a very good place for collection as the plan calls for as there is no way to get a skimming system down current. this is an effective area for an exclusion or deflection strategy to protect the back channel of the island.
Feet/Type of Boom: 500 feet of 21" contractor boom was deployed from the south end of Ideal cement dock to south tip of kellog Island during flood tide at around 6.9' mean lower low water.
Strategy Implementation: 5 to 6 hundred feet of boom is more than adequate for an exclusion strategy, the dock was a good tie point for the south end of the boom and there was ample things to tie to on the south end of the island. an anchor could be placed in the center of the b
Staging Area: not checked
Site Access: vessel primarily
Resources Requiring Protection:
Comments: temps in the mid seventies 0 to 5 knots wind out of the North approximately 6.9' on a flood tide, minimal current due to outflow of the Duwamish river and competing flood tide.