GRP: Central Puget Sound
Strategy Area: Bremerton Naval Shipyard KIT0090
Strategy Number: CPS-33
Checked By: Patricia Masino
Date: 6/15/2005
Type: Field Test
Latitude: 47degree-33.15'N
Longitude: 122 degree-39.60'W
Location: Bremerton Naval Shipyard
Response Strategy: Deflection-Deflect oil from entering the head of Sinclair Inlet
Feet/Type of Boom: 2000'
Strategy Implementation: Use shore anchor to anchor boom from west end of PSNS; extend out to anchor system or tend with boat.
Staging Area: Bremerton Naval Shipyard-has boom to deploy from their waterfront.
Site Access: Naval Shipyard(360-476-3467), Bremerton Yacht Club, Lyons Park, Downtown City Park.
Resources Requiring Protection: Waaterfowl, shorebird & seabird concentrations
Comments: Incoming tide, clear sunny calm weather