GRP: Central Puget Sound
Strategy Area:
Strategy Number: CPS-43
Checked By: NRCES
Date: 9/21/2011
Type: Field Test
Location: Duwamish River, Kellogg Island
Response Strategy: The plan indicates "Collection, Exclusion." This would not be a very good place for collection since there is no way to get a skimming system down current. This is an effective area for an exclusion or deflection strategy to protect the southern shoreline
Feet/Type of Boom: 500ft of 21" Contractor Boom
Strategy Implementation: 500 to 600ft of boom is more than adequate for an exclusion strategy. The dock was a good tie point for the south end of the boom. There were ample tie points on the south end of the island.
Staging Area:
Site Access:
Resources Requiring Protection: