GRP: Central Puget Sound
Strategy Area: Edmonds Wildlife Sanctuary SNO0268
Strategy Number: CPS-1
Checked By: Eric Heinitz
Date: 9/30/2005
Type: Field Visit
Location: LCR26.4 - Karlson Island.
Response Strategy: Recommend removal of this GRP. See comments below.
Feet/Type of Boom: Calls for 400 ft of boom, but in reality it will take possibly 3000 ft.
Strategy Implementation:
Staging Area:
Site Access:
Resources Requiring Protection: Wetlands and a slough
Comments: This site was visited during a deployment exercise on September 30, 2005 with the intent of deploying the strategy. However, there is nothing that this strategy would protect. It calls for 400 ft of boom, but needs considerably more, especially at high tide (possibly 3000ft). Oil will still be able to enter from the back side despite booming the slough. At high tide, the wetland this strategy is designed to protect is under water, so boom will not kep oil out. It is recommended that this strategy be removed.