2017 Task Forces


Task Forces
96 Hour Plan Toolkit
1. Identify needed documents/plans in 96 hour plan checklist, primarily pre-loaded ICS forms and EU plans. 2. Find or create suitable templates or plans 3. Assemble tool kit in one easy to access location
Fire to Environmental Response
1. Identify stakeholders (state, county, local fire chiefs associations, and industry) and create a training mechanism to help educate them regarding UC and incident endpoints for fires departments. 2. Create a transition document / checklist that outlines the transition process from fire to UC.
In Situ Burn Update
1. Develop a map to represent graphic depiction of ISB Policy. 2. Revise checklist for ISB decision making. 3. Work to streamline the process for decision making.
Non-Floating Oils
Add or amend language in Sections 9412 and Chapter 4000 of the NWACP (non- floating oils response tool and additional policy sections on non-floating oils) to reflect the NAS Recommendations. Review OSRO guidance.
Tribal Outreach & Technical Training
1. Develop job aid for a Tribal Coordination Specialist to assist tribes in navigating ICS during an incident. 2. Outreach: a) Compile and distribute information on funding opportunities, b) Develop common talking points for RRT/NWAC members (elevator pitch) 3. Training: a) Develop "just in time" training/orientation for tribal representatives during a spill response (BP DWH source). b) Develop advanced training plan for tribal members pre-spill.