2019 Task Forces

Task Forces
96 Hour Tool Kit
1. Capture various state requirements for plans. 2. Develop example Safety Plan. 3. Develop example Decon Plan. The Steering Committee will address the following tasks: 4. Improve navigation on the website to the toolkit. 5. Advertise the availability of the toolkit. 6. Add a disclaimer the plans are not required.
Dispersants Review
1. Review Arctic SONS findings. 2. Review Biological Opinion. 3. Review National Academy study. 4. Review West Coast Response Plan. 5. Develop a white paper reviewing the most recent publications on dispersants. determine if changes are recommended for the NWACP. 6. Develop a Fact sheet for public consumption.
GRP Survey
1. Design the survey of GRP Users 2. Develop survey participant list 3. Distribute the survey 4. Analyze the results 5. Make recommendations in a final report to the NWAC/RRT
Surface Washing Agents (Subpart J) Decision Making Tool
1. Create a tool using the RRT6 tool as a basis to incorporate into Section 9000 of the NWACP. Note: Not for pre-authorization.
Tribal Engagement
1. Determine and gather a presentation team. The presentations are not for credentialing attendees. 2. Develop presentation materials for tribes on oil spill response and engagement. 3. Develop tribal needs assessment/gap assessment - strategy and timeline.